In March of 2009, a group of master violin and bow makers formed a society called the "ViolinArtAkademie"as a local society for the promotion and furtherance of classical chamber music, as well as an aid for concerts and music performances. A key aspect is to encourage talented young performers by providing master classes.


International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative

This is a world-wide programme with the support of bow makers throughout the world. The primary activity is the replacement planting of pernambuco trees in the tropical forest. With the help of participating scientists, soil samples and DNA are analysed, and biometric data is recorded.

Erlangen Guild of Bowed and Plucked Stringed Instruments

The Guild was founded in Erlangen in 1954 and grew in Bubenreuth and the neighboring communities into a hub of German music instrument production, the "Music Community of the Franks".


intACT is the full service multimedia agency in Bubenreuth which created this web site. The agency offers web site production and three-dimensional graphics and animations. It also produces E-learning material (WBT, CBT), customized software, podcasts (video and audio) as well as audio recordings.