"I have been very pleased with my bows for years; I have a violin bow and a viola bow that Sebastian Dirr made for me in 1998 and 1999. (I enjoyed learning more about bow making while he was working on them.) He fulfilled my requirements as to weight and centre of gravity, as well as in the choice of the wood used. My viola bow especially brings out all the acoustical capabilities of my instrument. He has been maintaining my bows with dependability and care ever since and I am glad to recommend his work."

Armin Buder
Viola, Bubenreuth String Quartet

Siegfried Rivinius

"I have been playing with the bows of Sebastian Dirr only, for many years, on my Andrea Guarneri violin. In terms of sound and handling, these bows come close to my valuable old French bows. Especially commendable is Mr. Dirr's helpful assistance. He has taken into account everything I wanted and has carried it through admirably. The materials used are the best and the quality of work in terms of cost can hardly be surpassed.

Siegfried Rivinius
First Concert Master of the Duisburg Philharmonic and Orchestra of the German Opera on the Rhine.

Extract from client E-mail to Sebastian Dirr:

"I am delighted anew every day by your beautiful silver bow that gives the impression of being more musically flexible than the          bows I previously relied on! Since I change between them again and again, the difference can be experienced more and more strikingly! What is equally surprising is that when I give good students YOUR bows, they immediately sound different and better. Just to think that I did not discover your bows until I was 53! I also play with the beautiful Baroque bow and always with enjoyment, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. It was time for me to tell you this, since I take delight in your work on a daily basis!"

Christoph Habicht
Cellist with the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Experiences of a customer:

Een nieuwe strijkstok

Audio Sample:

Bartholdy Quintet:

Mozart String Quintet no. 1 in B-flat major, KV 174; IV. Allegro, live performance

Gustav Rivinius (cello) is playing a Dirr bow.

Video Sample:

Vilmos Szabadi, Gustav Rivinius & Eldar Nebolsin:

Schubert Piano Trio Opus 99 in B-flat major, 2nd movement

Gustav Rivinius (cello) is playing a Dirr bow.

Commentaries of the Press

Oktober 2012 – Erlanger Nachrichten
"Viele Schwanzhaare und das Baumharz"
July 2005 – Deutsche Handwerkerzeitung, the German magazine of craftsmen:
"Bubenreuth violin and bow makers are among the finest in the world"
June 2005 – Erlanger Nachrichten, the daily newspaper of the City of Erlangen
"Bubenreuth is again asserting itself against the world elite"
June 1997 – Erlanger Nachrichten, the daily newspaper of the City of Erlangen
"Instrument making makes money"